Fairy Tale compositions

What does your dream table setting looklike? Is it understated or richly coloured? With Samarkand, the choice is yours– depending on your mood or the occasion. Delicate decorations -  around the border of each piece - combinedwith playful Oriental opulence form perfect table compositions. Premiumporcelain and gold accents indicate the high quality of this series, and allowfor the proverbial "thousand and one" possibilities of tableware arrangements.

Harmony of delicate and colourful

An elegant basic form with a graceful border design gives this tableware pattern a real touch of class, while the richly-coloured designs reveal a sensual side. Revel in the perfect harmony of these two qualities. Whether as a dinner service, as objects of virtu, or as collector's items: The classic style, exotic decors, and high quality porcelain make Samarkand the highlight of your table setting.